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Building Design and Documentation

The building design is the beginning in the process towards building your investment or dream home. At this stage we can design a home that looks great along with being sustainable. Once the client is happy with the design then we start on documentation, this process is providing all the information for a builder to read the plans.


Building Surveyor

The building surveyor with sign of the plans and provide a certificate of design compliance for a new or if it’s retrospective approval certificate of building compliance.


Structural Engineering

The structural engineer will work the documented plans provided and apply the locations of beams, columns, footing details and any other structural requirements for the project.


Soil Engineering

The soil engineer will provide an analysis of the soil and it’s reactivity. The soil can determine what types are footings and slab structure is best for the proposed project.



The surveyor will provide a measured drawing of the site with counters, dimensions, locations of services and other important information from the site.


Bush Fire Protection Plans

The bushfire consultant will provide a report if in a bushfire zone and will provide an idea of what is required in the residence for it to comply with the report.


Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency report is an analysis on the proposed project that provides and idea as to how well the residence performs thermally through the year naturally. A star rating will provided on how well it performs and how much energy is required to heat and cool throughout the year.